A RIVER running through Wythall is undergoing re-naturalisation work to preserve it for future generations.

The Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust, in partnership with Birmingham City Council and the Environment Agency, have completed the first stage of works to deliver environmental improvements to the River Cole.

The works form part of a wider vision to develop the river for both wildlife and people with the focus on improving the habitat quality and resilience of the river.

Historic man-made changes to straighten the Cole's course have had an overall negative impact on both water quality and its populations of fish and invertebrates.

The completed works were designed to re-naturalise the river by creating habitat variation along the bank edges and the creation of meanders, which aim to naturally slow the water flow, increase flood capacity and improve the water substrate for fish populations, as well as being more aesthetically pleasing.

Sammy Pritchard, senior planning and biodiversity officer at the Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust, said: “The wonderful thing about being able to undertake this project is that you can see a positive difference on the River Cole over a short space of time.

"Even more positive features will develop over time as the river continues to naturalise around the works ”