As I write this column, the first people will be receiving their Covid-19 vaccines from the new vaccination centre at the Artrix in Bromsgrove.

As the first site of its kind in the County, Bromsgrove District is leading the way in the fight against Covid-19.

I have been meeting with the fantastic GPs, who are administering the vaccine locally. Encouraging progress has been made, with all eligible elderly care home residents vaccinated and nearly all over 80s receiving their jab right across the District.

Last week, the UK vaccinated 2.3 million people – making the total number of vaccines delivered 6.8 million. Only Israel and the UAE have vaccinated more people per capita than the UK.

The vaccine programme is a huge national effort, with people from all walks of life involved in making it possible.

When you are invited to get vaccinated, please do so. You will be protecting yourself and helping our community defeat the virus.

I urge all readers to keep doing your bit to fight this disease and get the number of Covid-19 cases in Bromsgrove down.

As ever, if I can be of assistance, please do get in touch via