A PETITION has been launched calling on Worcestershire County Council to review the speed limit on the A38 road in Bromsgrove.

Residents have raised safety concerns about the road, which has a speed limit ranging from 40mph to 60mph throughout.

Bromsgrove District councillor Siobhan Robinson and local campaigner Joshua Robinson, who both started the petition, have highlighted that the A38 runs very close to houses, past a first school and has "inadequate" crossing points.

The councillor, who also works as a teacher, says parents from Charford First School and Nursery have voiced fears about their children's safety walking to and from school.

She also believes that the speed limit may discourage people from walking and cycling in the area.

Cllr Siobhan Robinson said: "We need to encourage more people to walk and cycle in our town to help cut congestion but how can we say this on one hand but also have the main road in our town reaching speeds of 60mph?

"Many residents have contacted me concerned about walking their children to school having to cross a road where cars are travelling so fast.

"People are obviously very passionate about their children. I am a teacher so it's something we feel quite strongly about.

"I am concerned that if we do not reduce the speed limit those parents will get in their car or worse we will have an accident.

"I think for that stretch of road, it would be much safer for it to be 40 mph.

"We really believe there should be a review into the speed limit in this area of Bromsgrove."

She also says that the speed limit could be "off-putting" and "dangerous" for walkers and cyclists in the area.

Local campaigner Joshua Robinson added: "In Lickey End the A38 runs extremely close to people's homes, with poor pavement and poor crossing points yet the speed limit is still 40mph.

"How does this encourage residents to walk and cycle?"

People can view the petition via bromsgrovelibdems.org.uk

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council said: “All petitions that are submitted to us are considered and are responded to appropriately.”