A councillor has hit out at ‘selfish’ people trying to block local rights of way in Bromsgrove – just when people need them most for lockdown exercise.

Councillor Peter McDonald says he’s been made aware of a few examples of obstructions being placed on paths around Beacon Hill.

He says chains have been placed across one path, restricting access to a large area of the hill.

He said: “While local places of interest are being swamped we need to ensure the public are aware of local public rights and other places of interest to reduce the numbers visiting the Lickey and Waseley Hills

“People are having to exercise locally because of the restrictions and keep to places of local interest and what we do not want is a few selfish people lacking consideration for others by trying to block and obstruct us using our local public rights of way.”

“It is more important than ever with the Covid restrictions in place that the public are aware of these places of local interest

“I have asked the Public Rights of Way Officer at Worcestershire County Council to have the obstructions removed and if anyone sees anyone causing an obstruction to notify the police.”

Councillor Alan Amos, Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Highways said: “Worcestershire County Council is committed to investment in its Public Rights of Way network across the county and recognises the health and well-being benefits associated with walking.

“We have invested a significant sum of money to improve them and deal with some of the long standing issues, with next year’s proposed budget for Public Rights of Way being double that of this year’s.”