Councillors in Charford are celebrating a triple road safety success.

A plan for a pedestrian crossing outside Bromsgrove High School follows the installation of speed bumps in Charford Road and a 20mph speed limit along part of Lyttleton Avenue.

Local County Councillor Kyle Daisley and District Councillor Michael Thompson said they had worked closely with the head of Bromsgrove South, Chris Smith over the pedestrian crossing.

County Councillor Daisley: "When I was elected, I promised I would deal these issues. These are major steps to combating road traffic problems but I want to assure residents it does not end here - this is just the start."

Councillor Thompson: "Look at what a community can do when it works with - and not against - its residents: road safety improvements, crackdown on county lines, investment in electric buses, money for community projects, assistance with housing, improvements to playgrounds, CCTV on the brink of being rolled out.... The list is long and, moreover, will continue to grow."