A CHARITY has paid tribute to the bravery of a Bromsgrove mum fighting cancer - two years after losing a child.

Amanda Allen 'braved the shave' for the Edwards Trust bereavement charity, who had supported her after she had a late miscarriage and lost her daughter.

And Amanda says the counselling she got at that time has helped her cope with her breast cancer.

“The Edwards Trust has done such a lot for us as a family. The counselling with them has helped me cope with the cancer as well.”

Including meeting the challenge head on – and having her head shaved to raise funds before the chemotherapy made it fall out anyway.

The 41-year-old teacher at Howley Grange School, Halesowen, was expecting her second child when she had a late miscarriage at home and was taken to hospital with a haemorrhage.

On top of being ‘very ill’, Amanda had to cope with the trauma of her lost child, who the family named Hope on the suggestion of her first daughter.

She and husband Brad, who now live in Fairfield, were helped through it all after being referred to the local Edwards Trust, which offers support to bereaved families.

Amanda did not think she would have another child, but the couple now have a second daughter.

Then, last November, Amanda got a lump checked out and was diagnosed with breast cancer.

And as she contemplated rounds of chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy she decided that she wanted to help raise money, and awareness, for the Trust that had helped her so much.

She said: ‘Adults and children lose loved ones everyday…. Finding support to help you in your bereavement is a priceless gift that allows you to carry on with life again.’

Amanda’s hairdresser friend Vicky, from the Colour Palette salon in Halesowen, shaved her hair off and in doing so she raised more than £2,000.

“Edward’s Trust have supported me and many others through baby loss and continue to do so in the background every day.

“Once you become part of the Edward’s Trust family… you never leave. The coping strategies I gained through counselling have equipped me to manage my cancer. I have learnt that you’ve got to keep talking about how you feel on good days and bad.”

Yvonne Gilligan Chief Executive of Edward’s Trust says, “We are deeply sad that after the heartache of losing Hope, Amanda now has breast cancer, but she is an incredible woman and we have huge respect for her. We are so grateful and amazed that during this hugely painful time she is giving back to us.”

For more on the Trust, go to: www.edwardstrust.org.uk