RESIDENTS of a Bromsgrove parish are debating what should be done with miscalculated council money following an accidental tax hike.

Previously, Catshill and North Marlbrook Parish Council wanted a 2.23 per cent tax rise - but somehow an error was made and the 37 per cent figure was sent to Bromsgrove District Council.

The cost of ripping up and re-writing the demands would have been more than the extra cash, so instead the council ‘reluctantly’ decided to stick with it and issue an apology to residents.

The parish council's original agreed precept would have generated £52,200 for the council for 2021/22. The 37 per cent increase included in the council tax bills will now generate a total of £71,000.

Instead of an average increase of just under 50p, the rise is now around £8.50 for the year.

Now, residents have shared their responses to the tax rise on social media, with some voicing their frustration, and others suggesting what should be done next.

One Facebook user said: "I don’t think this is fair at all. It may cost more to put this right but they still should.

"Why should the residents pay all that extra because if their mistake?" Another said: "They should knock it off this year's bill."

Some have made suggestions for how the money could be used to benefit residents. One user said: "Stick the money into free/subsidised car parking. Give our high street a boost."

Another said: "Personally I think they should keep the money and spend on a worthy project, the cost of refunding in admin/time etc doesn’t make it cost effective.

"Mistakes happen, take the opportunity to give back to our community."

Chairman of the parish council, councillor Bernard McEldowney told The Advertiser: "Some people have suggested benches in certain locations. Some have suggested a memorial tree to remember those who have passed away from Covid."

The chairman also said there has been a suggestion for a festival to mark the end of lockdown.

He added: "We are trying to turn a negative into a positive. It could be lots of small things.

"The consensus seems to be to do something positive. A few people have come back and said give us the money back.

"We'll hopefully know in a few months time what the consensus will be."