WEST MIDLANDS Ambulance service has a launched a new campaign to encourage young children to learn lifesaving skills.

The campaign, ‘Little Lifesavers’, is running through Easter half-term and includes learning resources such as an activity book and videos from ambulance staff.

Children will learn how to make a 999 call, what an emergency situation is, how to perform CPR and how to place someone in the recovery position. It also includes a virtual tour of an ambulance.

Paramedic Ash Bolus, who features in the virtual tour, said: “Ordinarily, I’d be able to go into schools and show the children around the ambulance, which they find really interesting so it’s great that I’m able to do it virtually so that children don’t miss out on learning something that could potentially help them save a life one day.”

A spokesperson from West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) said: “Throughout the pandemic, activities such as in-school visits haven’t been possible but that doesn’t mean children should miss out on learning vital life skills. The virtual tour of an ambulance will allow children to virtually jump on board the ambulance with a paramedic and learn about the equipment kept on board and how it is used.

“Making a 999 call can be high pressured and stressful situation for many of us, but it is particularly important that children know how to make a 999 call, in addition knowing what kind of situation warrants a call to the emergency services.”

Resources for ‘Little Lifesavers’ will be posted on WMAS social media channels and their website.