WORK is underway on a pedestrian crossing outside South Bromsgrove High school, Charford Road.

This comes after the installation of speed bumps and a 20-mph speed limit along the road.

There have various safety concerns for students attending the high school, as previously the nearest crossing was by KFC, which is a five minute walk away.

County councillor for Bromsgrove South, Kyle Daisley said: “There has been some near misses across Charford Road and I know the students run out across the road, trying to dodge the traffic and parked cars.

“When I was elected in October 2019 I promised to do all I can to work with the police particularly the police crime commissioner to address speeding across Bromsgrove South and improve road safety. I was inundated with emails and telephone calls from residents about how dangerous it was to cross Charford road especially for students who attend South Bromsgrove High School.

“I worked closely with officers at Worcestershire County Council to come up with a scheme which could address both the speeding issues and the road safety issues along this road. We designed a scheme which would see a speed limit reduction to 20mph, installation of speed cushions and a controlled crossing which is to be situated at the bottom of Lyttleton Avenue. The speed limit reduction has now been in place for a few weeks and the recent data shows that the scheme is working well and that speeds have already reduced which I am very pleased to see.

“I’m really pleased to see that by working together we are able to take action against speeding, this is only the start and there is plenty more to do across Bromsgrove South.”

West Mercia Police & Crime Commissioner, John Campion said: “Too many people are dying or being injured on our road in West Mercia.  Projects like the one championed by Cllr Daisley on Charford Road in Bromsgrove make a real difference in changing this sad fact.  This type of project helps ensure safety for pedestrians and road users increases.”

The first phase of constructing the crossing, which should last until April 16, will mean there are two-way traffic lights in place between Lyttleton Avenue and the school entrance. The second phase, which will involve a one-way system to allow work on the northern side of the crossing, should be finished by May 30.