A 16-YEAR-OLD from Bromsgrove has passed his Private Pilot Licence with flying colours.

Michael Bray, a South Bromsgrove High school student, passed his Private Pilot Licence (PPL) at Gloucester Airport last week.

The budding pilot will be issued his PPL on his 17th birthday in July after two years of working towards his licence.

Michael said: “I am really happy that I have passed all my exams. I have wanted to be a pilot since I was really young and want to be an airline pilot. I will have to go to flight school and then I will hopefully get a job. You can go to flight school as soon as you turn 18 but I think I will go to university first.

“I was so nervous to take my final exam last Wednesday which was a general handling exam in the aeroplane with an examiner. Overall, I had nine theory exams, a flight test and a radio exam.”

Bromsgrove Advertiser:

Michael’s mother, Geraldine Bray, said she is so proud of him but it was also nerve wrecking to watch him flying.

She added: “In the final months leading up to the exam, it was an uphill battle with lockdown and Covid restrictions to achieve his goal of joining the list as one of the youngest students to achieve his licence at the age of 16.

“Michael had to negotiate a solo cross-country flight from Gloucester Airport landing at Halfpenny Green (near Wolverhampton) and Cardiff International Airport before finally returning to Gloucester.

“It was nerve wrecking and scary to see him flying, but I am so proud of him.”

Michael passed his licence under the instruction of Mo Nejad at Clifton Aviation.