A NEW quarry is to be dug next to a former quarry site on Chadwich Lane, despite a string of objections from councillors and residents.

Worcestershire County Council planning committee granted planning permission to an extension of the former quarry, new road access and restoration of the land.

The developer, Salop Sand and Gravel, are to extract 1.35 million tonnes of sand over an estimated 13 years.

The sand will be transported to Wildmoor quarry for processing, adding an increased number of lorries to the surrounding roads.

Worcestershire County Councillor for Woodvale, Shirley Webb said: “The junction of Money Lane with Sandy Lane is an accident cluster site. Lorries would be crossing high flows of traffic to turn right, with the problem recurring on the return journey from Wildmoor Quarry in an area with increased traffic. There would be double the number of vehicle movements compared to the original Chadwich Lane Quarry. It is disappointing that proposals had not been put forward to improve the junction.

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Site map for new Chadwick Lane quarry. Credit: Worcestershire County Council.Site map for new Chadwick Lane quarry. Credit: Worcestershire County Council.

As well as traffic concerns there also concerns over the flooding of nearby houses.

Desmond and Michelle Smith of Lower Madeley Farm, Harbours Hill said: “The farm is a Grade II listed building and, located very close to development. We know the applicant submitted additional information and although this is welcomed it did not go far enough in giving reassurance that our property would be protected from flooding in the future, and the applicant had not satisfactorily dealt with the significant flooding issues that were occurring at our property.

"Our property has suffered flooding on a considerable number of occasions over the past nine years. Most recently on 30 January 2021 when Madeley Road, Harbours Hill and the application site had all been flooded.”

A spokesperson from Belbroughton and Fairfield Parish Council said: “The A491 is a very busy highway with Money Lane being an accident hazard. There will be over 40 HGVs, so there are concerns about the traffic and the dangers of more HGVs using the crossing. Also there is the issue of flooding on Chadwich Lane. In the wintertime the fields flood and cause water to flood houses on Harbours Hill.

“Worcestershire County Council have overlooked all these objections because they said they need sand. They have ignored local objections in favour of getting sand. Its unreasonable to concentrate quarry development in such a small area, there are other areas in Worcestershire that have sand. We are being targeted in Wildmoor.”

Planning permission was granted with twelve councillors in favour and one against from Worcestershire County Council planning committee.

A date for work to begin on the quarry has not yet been confirmed.