ALL Conservative members of Bromsgrove District Council voted against a feasibility assessment for a Western Relief Road at last night’s council meeting, after announcing a Strategic Transport Assessment (STA) of the district had been commissioned.

The STA will be a seven-month project and run in three phases, assessing future transport solutions for the whole district.

Before the STA was announced the 5,000 strong petition for a Western Relief Road was presented to full council by Robert Powell from Whitford Vale Voice.

The petition stated: “For almost fifty years local residents (and sometimes even the local council) have been calling for a Bromsgrove Western Relief Road (sometimes called the Western Bypass). Over that time the traffic congestion and air pollution in our town have got worse and worse. A Bromsgrove Western Relief Road would dramatically reduce congestion and improve air quality in the town centre and on the A38 (Eastern bypass).”

Councillor for Hill Top, Luke Mallett, then presented a motion to the council calling for a feasibility assessment of a Western Relief Road. He said: “A Western Relief Road is not a new thing; it’s been discussed actively for more than two decades. It is to exit and enter Bromsgrove without going through the town centre. If Worcester can have a distributor road, then why can’t Bromsgrove?”


The western relief road motion was defeated by 18 votes to 12, with all conservative members voting against.

Councillor Mallett said after the meeting "This is a massive blow to the thousands of local residents who signed the petition and have called for this over so many years.

"Every Conservative councillor voted against a relief road for Bromsgrove - risking the opportunity to create a relief road being lost forever."

Leader of Bromsgrove District Council, Karen May, said: “We recognise the need for a STA throughout the district, and not just one specific area. I am delighted that this work has been commissioned and, with the investment in the new demand responsive transport system for Bromsgrove and surrounding villages, we can achieve a true modal shift to accommodate all forms of transport."

Other motions were due to be discussed at the meeting, but due to a lengthy debate about the western relief road, a vote was taken to discuss the motions not mentioned at the next council meeting.