CATSHILL Village Preschool, which is based at Catshill Methodist Church, has been the target of vandals over the last few months.

The preschool on Golden Cross Lane, has a garden at the back of the church which has been trashed by young offenders.

Owner of the preschool, Lisa Hadley, said over the past few months they have had to replace and fix things that the vandals have broken. She said “They broke the lock off our storage unit, burnt artificial grass, broke toys, thrown kitchen utensils over the garden and tried to prise open the shed. They have also been smoking drugs.

“In January, my deputy came to me as I was inside and said there are teenagers in the garden drinking cans of beer.

“We always do a full risk assessment before we take the children outside to make sure its safe.”

Chloe Hudson, whose property overlooks the preschool garden, rang police on Monday night (April 19) after she caught the youths once again in the preschool garden.

She said: “The vandals tend to be quiet, but on Monday it just seemed like they didn’t care at all. I have seen them throwing stuff about, scrawling things across the fences and smoking weed.”

PC Kelso from Bromsgrove North and Rural police said: “An officer from patrol attended the incident and it has been crimed as criminal damage. CCTV has been captured and we are trying to identify three offenders. All believed to be local and under the age of 18. We are hoping to do so by next week.

“As one of the local safer neighbourhood officers for Bromsgrove North we are appalled by this mindless and reckless behaviour. As a parent of young children myself it makes me personally angry that this has happened. It certainly will not be tolerated and we will be doing all we can to catch those responsible."

Anyone with any information is encouraged call 101.