AN artist from Bromsgrove has been chosen by The National lottery to star in a climate change video.

Robin Price, creator of The Air of the Anthropocene project, presents air pollution levels around the world through photography.

Robin was chosen to appear in one of two in depth videos that tell the stories of National Lottery charities in light of new research which states seven in ten people say they’re not doing enough to save the planet.

The 39-year-old, who now lives and works in Belfast, said: “It’s great to highlight how you can help the environment and it’s really good to get a platform to raise awareness through our video.

“I think art and artists can have a role to create spaces and conversations and bring light to things that aren’t always fully teased out.

“That’s what the project is trying to achieve – to get people to stop, look and see something they haven’t done before. The project is a way of trying to raise consciousness around pollution – and that’s a key benefit.”

The National Lottery’s research also reveals 73 per cent of us have used more electricity during the pandemic, while a third admit they have had the heating on more than ever before.

Robin added: “It was really special to be singled out by the National Lottery and it’s really good to get any kind of recognition.

“The art-science crossover works really well – as an artist, you can translate research that might not otherwise be picked up into something that might spark public interest or conversation. The National Lottery doing that is a great amplification and platform.

“The video is a really nice way of documenting how far we’ve come, what we’ve achieved and looking to what we’re going to do next.”

The National Lottery has contributed more than £2.2 billion towards green projects and initiatives across heritage, art, community and sport since 2010.