52 KNIVES were surrendered to North Worcestershire Police last week as part of a nationwide knife crime campaign.

Police also executed three warrants and made 17 arrests.

Operation Spectre is a scheme to challenge and reduce knife related crime.

West Mercia Police officers put amnesty bins across the county to allow people to dispose of unwanted knives safely.

Chief superintendent Paul Moxley who is the force lead for Operation Sceptre, said: “West Mercia Police is totally committed to reducing the threat of knife crime within our communities and reducing the number of victims of knife crime.

“Operation Sceptre is a national week of action that highlights our work to tackle this crime type, however it is important to stress that our work continues beyond this week of action and our officers are working every day to reduce the number of knives being carried and the number of people being hurt by them.

“As always the public have an very import part to play in helping to keep knives off our streets. They can help us as an extra of eyes and ears in our fight against serious violence and knife crime, and by making a report to us you could help save a life.”

Across the county over 378 knives and bladed weapons were surrendered throughout the week as well as four being found in weapons sweeps.

Officers also visited 35 schools and colleges to educate young people in the dangers of carrying a knife.