THE UK’s first digital safety pod is set to be launched in Rubery.

Farrah McMutt, founder of Catch a Thief UK has launched a campaign to turn disused BT telephone boxes into pods that act as a safe space for victims of crime.

£4,000 needs to be raised to turn the old telephone box outside Rubery post office into a pod.

Farrah said: “Digital Safety Pods will have automatic doors that when the button is pressed it phones 999 straight away, sets of an alarm and goes live to a CCTV monitor, once inside, the door will automatically lock.

“The windows will be reinforced and one way viewing the victim will be able to see out but the suspect will not be able to see in.

“There will be a CCTV operator who will be the eyes on the ground for the police, and a voice for the victim whilst they can also speak over the speaker and let any suspect know they are being watched and police are on their way.

“There will also be a beacon on the top, with an alarm and a blue flashing light.”

The pod will protect anyone who is danger such as people being stalked, victim of domestic violence, victims of gang knife crime and protect lost children.

Farrah who is based in Leicestershire said she put a post out on social media to see people’s responses to the pods. She was contacted by the Rubery community who told her to contact the owner of a telephone box in Rubery, Dev Kumah.

Dev is helping Farrah with the fundraising campaign for the telephone box.

Farrah added: “We are looking to have this pod up and running in six months, we just need to raise the funds. Local shops are putting charity boxes out to help with the cause.

There will also be advertising in the phone box such as social information and contact numbers. The advertising will also pay for the maintenance of the pod.

Bromsgrove District councillor for Rubery, Peter McDonald said he fully supports Farrah’s idea but the community should not be in the position where they have to do things like this.

Cllr McDonald said: “I totally support what she is doing but at the same time we should be opening the police station. We need to be rallying around to get that station open, we pay our council taxes so that police stations should be open.

“We shouldn’t have be doing things like this. We need a police station in times of refuge.”

Catch a Thief UK launched in 2014 and is a national online crime prevention website, that works closely with retailers, businesses and police forces.