RESIDENTS at a Bromsgrove care home have welcomed some new cute additions.

Heathbrook House Care Home were given hatching kits as part of an initiative to boost health and well-being.

Sarah Beard, senior activity co-ordinator chose to bring ducklings into the setting due to research that suggests animals can boost general health and well-being among residents. She said: “Not only do animals bring a huge sense of joy but they can act as a form of therapy, encouraging communication and providing sensory stimulation and relaxation too.

“The residents have enjoyed being part of the process, deciding where the ducklings stay – which is nestled in the cinema room – and everyone is very hands on in all aspects of their care.

"It has been wonderful to see how excited the residents are, as many have never seen an egg hatch or held a new duckling before.

“We currently have five new ducklings at the home and our newest residents are certainly the youngest we have had around here and the smiles they have raised are a joy to watch.”

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Sarah Beard, senior activity co-ordinator with resident John Fenn.Sarah Beard, senior activity co-ordinator with resident John Fenn.

The eggs and an incubator were provided by Incredible Eggs in North Yorkshire.

The company will collect the ducklings once the residents have had time to interact with them and rehome them at a local farm.

Sheila Berry, a resident at the home for four years, named two of the ducklings Donald and Peter.

She said: “Both Donald and Peter are a beautiful golden yellow colour.

“Donald is the quieter of the two whereas Peter is particularly adventurous and likes to dart about. They are both so lovely and I enjoy having them around.

“It’s been quite the experience to be able to introduce them to the world and enjoy little snuggles when they want to rest.”

Heathbrook House Care Home is situated in Stoke Heath and offers dementia care, residential, nursing and respite care.