THE RSPCA has launched an investigation after a dead puppy with a fractured skull was found dumped alongside rubbish in a stream near Bromsgrove.

The 12-week old pooch was cruelly discarded among piles of trash in the water off Trescott Road, in Northfield on May 23.

A member of the public contacted the animal charity following the grim find and inspectors attended the scene to retrieve the golden tan coloured pup.

RSPCA inspector Fiona Howell said the dog had "obvious trauma to their skull" which they believe is linked to the death.

She added: "We are keen to get information about what happened to this poor puppy.

"The dog's body was dumped alongside rubbish in this small stream and had obvious trauma to their skull.

"An x-ray found the puppy had a fracture to their skull and at the moment we think this may be linked to their death.

"The puppy was microchipped and registered to PetTrac, but sadly we do not know the breed and sex of this poor dog at this stage because the water has damaged the body.

"However we have been able to ascertain that the dog was aged about 12 weeks old when they died.

"The puppy was also covered in straw which may provide a clue as to where they they came from.

"If anyone has CCTV which may show people carrying rubbish to the area we would be keen to hear from them.

"We are naturally very concerned about how this puppy came to be in this situation and we are urging anyone with information to report it to us, in confidence, on 0300 123 8018."