BROMSGROVE Swimming Club (BSC) has launched a crowdfunding appeal to help raise funds lost due to the Covid pandemic.

BSC, like many other clubs, have had to cancel fundraising events and swim open meets, therefore affecting income.

The club is a non profit organisation and will not be able to cover all of their costs in the short term if membership fees remain at an affordable level.

To secure their future, the club launched 'Bromsgrove Swimming Club-making it to 56 years' on June 7, which will last 28 days and involves a huge prize draw.

Club treasurer Charlotte Bower said: “We are a not for profit organisation - all income we generate goes towards our costs, COVID restrictions have resulted in reduced income from membership fees and limited capacity in the water.

"This in turn means that we cannot cover all our costs in the short term if we keep the fees within acceptable levels.

“We really appreciate any support that our local community can provide us and our crowd funding campaign means that people can help us while getting the chance to either win, bid for or buy some great rewards."

Depending on the size of donation, many prizes are up for grabs ranging from a sweet hamper to a family ticket to Cadbury World.

The draw will take place on July 10.

The funding will be used to provide additional training equipment and pool capacity, provide further training for volunteers, widen community reach and cover excess costs.

The total raised currently stands at nearly £2,600, which is over halfway to their extended target of £5,000.

Matt Lowe, the club's head coach said: "Since we were founded in 1966 we have helped thousands of local children learn to swim and develop their enthusiasm for swimming.

"We are all passionate about our sport but the key for us is that swimming is more than a sport, it is a crucial life skill and can help children to enjoy water safely.”

To donate visit their crowdfunding page