BROMSGROVE residents are "expected and strongly recommended" to continue using face coverings on public transport as Covid-19 restrictions lift across the country today.

Worcestershire County Council is encouraging residents to use public transport when returning to the workplace and stay safe when doing so

New government guidance says that people are expected and strongly recommended to continue to use face coverings on public transport, according to the council.

The lifting of restrictions, and the gradual return to the office for many people over the summer, means that residents will begin to make regular journeys they would have done before the pandemic.

The council strongly urges passengers to use public transport for these journeys and we are determined to ensure that these services are safe for all to use.

Cllr Alan Amos, cabinet member for Highways and Transport said: “Our residents have been fantastic at playing their part in keeping case numbers down during the pandemic and I would urge them to continue.

"Therefore, it is imperative that all passengers wear a face a covering on public transport in order to both protect themselves and others. We need to our support bus drivers to do their job and not need to step in to sort out disputes and being distracted.

"This latest lifting of restrictions is a real opportunity for us to take advantage of our local transport network and the services it offers.

"We know how vital the local transport network is to our residents as many of them engaged with us throughout the Passenger Transport Strategy consultation.

"We are determined to do everything we can to ensure that bus travel is safe and people are confident in using the services.

"Most bus journeys are short and we are all well used to wearing face covering therefore, please do the right thing by continuing to wearing face coverings to keep you and those around you safe and be considerate of others.”