FUEL prices are continuing to increase, with July seeing the largest increase since January, putting the average price of a litre of fuel at 135.13p.

However, Bromsgrove residents are paying more for their fuel than Redditch residents, paying as much as 140.9p per litre - nearly 5p more than the national average.

Over the border in Redditch you can fill up a vehicle for 111.9p per litre.

Filling a motor up at BP petrol station on Bromsgrove Road, Bromsgrove will set you back 139.90p per litre.

Whereas at the BP garage on Birmingham Road in Redditch will cost 133.90p per litre - a saving of 6p and at the garage on Washford Drive - 134.90p a litre.

Morrisons shoppers can access the cheapest fuel prices as filling up at the Morrisons Petrol Station on Warwick Highway, Redditch will cost you 128.9p per litre.

Filling up at the Morrisons garage on Buntsford Park Road in Bromsgrove however will cost an extra 6p at 134.90p per litre.

A spokesperson for Morrisons said: "Our fuel prices may differ from town to town and while Bromsgrove and Redditch are relatively close, our fuel comes from two different locations with different costs to service them.

"We aim to be the cheapest in each area we operate and are currently 6p below any other fuel stations within 5 miles of Bromsgrove."

The Advertiser has contacted BP for a response to the fuel price comparison.

All fuel prices are correct as of August 5 2021.