A TEACHER is under investigation after allegedly assaulting a pupil.

The teacher was working at Witton Middle School in Droitwich via an agency when he allegedly pushed a child to the ground after a classroom altercation.

Since then, the incident has been handed over to police, with an investigation underway.

A West Mercia Police spokesman confirmed an investigation is now underway.

They said: "Police were called following a report of an assault which took place at Witton Middle School at around 10am on September 28. Investigations are ongoing."

According to a source, the teacher had a row with the pupil about eating in class.

He is then alleged to have pushed the 10-year-old over when they attempted to get past him.

The school confirmed it had dealt with the incident "swiftly" and assured parents it takes its responsibilities seriously when dealing with incidents of this nature.

A Witton Middle School spokesman said: "All incidents are dealt with swiftly and in accordance with Worcestershire Safeguarding Children Partnership procedures.

"Whilst incidents are very rare, we take our responsibilities extremely seriously and regularly review our procedures to ensure the continued safety and well-being of our pupils."


*AMENDMENT - A previous version of this story incorrectly said the teacher had been arrested