A KIND-HEARTED woman from Bromsgrove has created a charity group to offer boxes full of essential items to those in need.

Zoe Wood set up a private Facebook group at the start of the Covid pandemic in 2020 to offer free essential items to people who were struggling.

Fast forward, 18 months and with the cut to the universal credit, enquiries for Zoe’s Essential boxes have significantly increase.

Zoe said she has made her group public, after over 1,200 members joined the private group.

“I usually make around eight boxes per week but it is getting busier and busier," said Zoe.

“There are so many people struggling out there, with cuts to universal credit and the lasting effect from the pandemic.

“Although I am getting busier, I am not running out of items to put in the boxes as people are so generous with donations.”

Bromsgrove Advertiser: (left) box for mother and child, (top right) box for mother (bottom right) box for baby. (left) box for mother and child, (top right) box for mother (bottom right) box for baby.

Zoe, aged 29 offers three different types of essential boxes – adult, child or baby which include items specific to the age range.

“Most donations come from individuals but Bromsgrove School has helped me out over the last three weeks which has been fantastic,” said Zoe.

The initiative has not only helped Bromsgrove residents but has also improved Zoe’s confidence.

Zoe added: “I suffer with anxiety and helping people eases that. I either wanted to work for a charity or be a support worker but this is a great way to help people out.

"People come and collect boxes from my house and last year I couldn't even answer the door – my partner had to do it. However, now I am comfortable speaking to people and answering the door.

"One day I am hoping to own my charity - that's my dream."

To find out more about Zoe’s Bromsgrove essential Boxes, visit her Facebook group.