CATSHILL and North Marlbrook Parish residents have voted in favour of Bromsgrove District Council adopting the parish’s neighbourhood plan.

Neighbourhood plans are developed by the town or parish council, and once finalised must be considered by the district council when planning applications in the parish area are being considered.

Out of 821 votes recorded, 723 votes were cast in favour and 98 votes were against.

Chair of Catshill and North Marlbrook Parish Council, councillor Bernard McEldowney said: “Our neighbourhood plan is the culmination of five years of hard work, undertaken by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

“Thanks to everyone who voted in the Catshill and North Marlbrook Neighbourhood Plan Referendum yesterday.

“The turnout was much higher than we had expected, and there was overwhelming support for the plan.

“Disappointing, that almost 100 people voted No in the referendum. Be useful to get some feedback as to why people voted No.