HOLIDAY Inn in Bromsgrove has reopened to the public after its stint as a red list quarantine hotel for travellers.

On November 1, the remaining countries on England’s red list for international travel were removed.

This means arrivals will no longer need to spend 11 nights in a quarantine hotel at a cost of £2,285.

The hotel on Kidderminster Road, which is run by IHG, was used as a premise for passengers flying into Birmingham International Airport to quarantine from red list countries.

Many weddings, overnight stays and meetings were cancelled as the hotel was closed to the public.

Katie Carr was due to have her wedding reception at Holiday Inn on July 16 but was contacted by the hotel on June 18 to inform her the venue 'will be used as a Covid quarantine hotel with immediate effect'.

The hotel quarantine policy was introduced in February as part of measures to reduce the risk from arriving travellers infected with coronavirus.