“MY favourite saying at the moment is fail we must, fail we might” says Mark Williams, as we talk about the return to his hometown, his upcoming carol concerts and of course a little bit of Harry Potter too.

Mark Williams, arguably most famous for his role as Arthur Weasley in Harry Potter or his various roles within The Fast Show, is heading back to the region to star in a series of Christmas carol concerts at Symphony Hall in Birmingham.

Born in Bromsgrove, Mark says he often visits the place where he grew up.

“I come back and forward all the time; I still have friends in Bromsgrove and people always say what are you doing here and I’m like what are you doing here!

“I don’t have any family connections in the town anymore, but a lot of my friends still live here.

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Mr Williams has also starred in Doctor Dolittle The Musical. Picture by Alastair MuirMr Williams has also starred in Doctor Dolittle The Musical. Picture by Alastair Muir

“I miss my youth – I had a great childhood growing up in Bromsgrove.

“I worked around the town and there was always plenty going on and lots of live music.”

When told about the recently built BirdBox in Bromsgrove, a space for live music and events, Mark replied: “We had creative spaces back then too, we called them pubs!”

Mr Williams will be donning a full 18th century costume to read excerpts at the classical Christmas concerts throughout December.

“I’m quite liking the idea of being in full costume – I think I may even have two.

“I quick like a stock, which is similar to a cravat, I’m looking forward to wearing one.

“The concerts are going to be a real occasion.

“It is what Christmas is all about and the Symphony Hall is a fantastic venue, its got that ‘get your glad rags on’ feel to it.

“This year more than ever it’s important to go out and celebrate.”

Mark described lockdown as a ‘refresher’ and a time when he could reset and notice nature.

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Mark Williams as Father Brown. Mark Williams as Father Brown.

“I work a lot like everyone else who has been lucky enough to get big breaks, so it was nice to stop and notice things around me like the leaves falling off the trees.

“All these people who said they learnt things in lockdown, I’m going to make them do a test and call them the lockdown a-levels!”

Looking back on his successful career, Mark says he never expected any of it.

“I like to work; it is important for me to be working.

“I never have any plans; I just like to do my job.

“That’s the Bromsgrove in me – a grafter.

“All my jobs have come out the blue, anything I have tried to generate myself has never worked.

“I never expected any of my roles, I get on my knees and say thank you.”

For over seven years, Mark played the role of Ron Weasley’s father in the Harry Potter franchise which catapulted him into movie stardom.

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Mr Williams switched on the Christmas lights in Bromsgrove in 2014. Mr Williams switched on the Christmas lights in Bromsgrove in 2014.

Twenty years since the first film was produced, a special feature film is to be aired on HBO Max in January to commend the occasion.

“I keep getting asked if it’s weird seeing the kids grow up, but unfortunately it just happens.

“A lot of the actors and actresses have returned for the film – however Rupert was filming so the producers have had to CGI him in.

“Being back on the film set, there was nothing weird about it, you don’t feel disassociated like people would expect it’s like being on a big job.

“Our view on filming is different to the audience’s – ours is about spending hours on set trying to get things right.”

When asked whether there is any chance of another Harry Potter film, Mark replied: “That’s up to J.K Rowling, I’m just one of the labourers and very happy to be so.”


Mark will be reading at Carols by Candlelight in venues across the country and will be performing in Birmingham on Saturday, December 18 and Friday, December 24.

Tickets can be purchased from www.raymondgubbay.co.uk or via the venue.