Holly Willoughby has broken her silence over rumours she is set to quit ITV show This Morning.

The long-standing host of This Morning and Dancing on Ice alongside Phillip Schofield will appear on The Jonathan Ross Show this weekend.

The 40-year-old admits it “hurt” to read reports she would be leaving the show and that it is often “difficult” to deal with the scrutiny surrounding her job.

Holly Willoughby breaks silence over future on ITV This Morning

Speaking about her future on the show, Willoughby described the beauty of This Morning and working alongside Phillip Schofield.

“I never think like that. I feel very lucky to be on that show,” she said.

Holly added: “The show changes so much, I think that’s the beauty of This Morning.

“Recently it’s had the highest ratings it’s had in 15 years. It’s doing really, really well which is extraordinary for a show that’s been around for as long as it has.”

Speaking about Phil, she continued: “I’m very lucky to work with Phil. I can’t imagine a world without him being there. It just wouldn’t be the same.

“The magic of that show is us two together when we’re together. Co-hosts like that don’t come along very often. So when they do you have to hold tight.”

She added: “I do really love him. I really love him. We’re lucky, we really are.”

“I’ve read those things, too. It hurts sometimes, because it’s so unfair and untrue, so it’s difficult sometimes.”

“We’re just incredibly lucky.

“So no, I’m not retiring, that’s a really long answer."