AN acclaimed Bromsgrove author is celebrating after chalking up one million sales of her novels.

Sue Watson, who lives in The Oakalls, recently achieved the impressive accolade with the release of her new novel, 'The New Wife'.

The 56-year-old worked as a producer for the BBC for years before deciding to pursue her passion for writing.

It was move that has paid off as since 2014 she has written tirelessly and is currently working on her 20th book.

Sue said: "It was a big risk when I decided to give up work and write full time and it's a risky business.

"I started writing rom coms and I now writing my 20th book. When I started writing I thought it would be good to have one book published and it would be lovely to be able to hold it in my hands.

"Then it just took off."

Sue originally started out writing romantic comedies but soon branched out to psychological thrillers after she kept trying to "kill off" her characters.

She added: "I've gone from cakes and romance to much darker subjects."

Her latest novel 'The New Wife' is a thriller set in Dartmoor surrounding the mystery of a wife found dead at the bottom of the stairs.

She found out a couple of weeks ago that the sales of her work have reached the one million mark.

This only includes English language versions, as her work has been translated overseas.

At the BBC Sue worked with Terry Wogan on Points of View and on cookery programmes with the likes of Ainsley Harriott and James Martin.

Sue added: "I had a fantastic career there but decided there was this thing inside me that I need to write.

"Anybody can do it, I have had up and and downs along the way but you have to persevere."