PLANS to build four homes in a garden in Lickey End have been thrown out by planners.

The application to build four houses on land to the rear of 131 Old Birmingham Road have been refused after planners said it “would be at odds with the existing pattern of development in the area.”

It was proposed that each home would come complete with two or three parking spaces and a private driveway from Old Birmingham Road would be created.

Part of the existing property would be demolished to make way for access to the new homes.

Planning documents state: “The development would make better and more efficient use of the land available.

“The land is currently underused and not used to its full potential in this residential area.

“The use of this site within the built-up area would reduce the need for developing greenfield sites."

However, the application was met with a string of objections from nearby residents.

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Site plan. Site plan.

Carolyn Bourne of Old Birmingham Road said: “This development will seriously change the character of the area and affect seven households which border this mini estate proposal.

“Several trees will have to be removed. The increase in traffic will be considerable."

Morag Ross, also of Old Birmingham Road, said: “The properties will be affected by loss of privacy resulting from hedges and borders being removed from adjoining gardens, two storey brick walls at close proximity and opposite main windows of adjoining houses.

"The proposed properties are designed to be occupied by up to 6 persons, however the gardens are very small, are set very close together and will be directly overlooked by the other new houses, as well as current properties."


Bromsgrove District Council planners noted in their refusal “there would be an unacceptable impact to the amenity levels enjoyed” by nearby residents.