AN application to extend the hours of a Rubery petrol station should be rejected, several local residents have argued, as it risks bringing ‘undesirables’ to the area.

Rubery Filling Station on Cock Hill Lane is due before the council’s licensing committee this week with an application for a 24-hour alcohol licence.

But it is facing opposition from several local residents and a councillor, all of whom have written to the council asking them to reject the application.

Residents fear a rise in antisocial behaviour and crime in the area if the licence is granted, with one describing the potential impact of more bottles and cans on the streets as ‘dangerous’.

And another is concerned about the kind of people a 24-hour licence could bring to the area, writing: “I wish to lodge my objection to application 123496 for the following reasons :-

“(1) A 24 hour licence will attract undesirables to the area and encourage them to gather under the flyover drinking their alcohol.

“(2) I believe that it could lead to an increase in petty crime in the area and more work for an already understaffed police force.

“(3) The additional business during the night will affect the quality of sleep of local residents especially during summer months when their bedroom windows will be open.”

And Councillor Adrian Delaney has also added his voice to the growing number of objections, writing to the committee: “Any increase in opening hours will severely impact on the neighbours quality of life.

“This will result in more disturbance with car engines running, people talking or shouting and car doors banging. This application should be rejected.

“We suffer from anti-social behaviour and criminal activity in Cock Hill, Rubery and this application if approved will only add to the problems in this area.”

The application is due to be heard on January 26, with a decision expected within five working days of this date.