JACK Grealish has left one super fan in tears after signing a shirt ahead of his team’s clash against Fulham on the weekend.

The heart-warming moment which was captured on camera shows the Manchester City star signing a fan’s shirt before giving her a hug.  

Manchester City hosted Fulham in the FA Cup fourth round on Saturday (Saturday, February 5) but before going on to win the game, Jack took time out to meet super fan, Abbie, who was waiting for him in the Etihad with her family.

Abbie Pinder posted the emotional video on her Tik Tok profile which Jack Grealish commented with four blue heart emojis.

@abbie_pinder546 My dream come true @jackgrealish ♬ original sound - Abbie

Abbie responded saying: “You’ve made my dreams come true thank you”

Manchester City also commented on the video and said: “We LOVE our Jack, and we LOVE Abbie too! Hope you had an amazing day!”

Jack, who resided in Barnt Green while he played for Aston Villa, has been praised for his act of kindness.

One Twitter used said: “Absolutely brilliant. 30 seconds can make someone's year.”

Whilst another used said: “Love to see players doing things like this. Takes very little for them to do it but means so much to people. We'll done Jack.”