A Bromsgrove landscaping company has offered to help fix the fence panels of senior citizens for free in the aftermath of Storm Eunice.

Midlands Groundworks & Fencing are making the same offer that has been in place for the last three years for those in need of help.

On the company's Facebook page they explained why it was in place due to an encounter with a women who had three fence panels blow down in bad weather two years ago.

It read: "I went out to take a look within an hour as she was quite distressed and worried about the security at her home. I repaired the fence for her same day and when asking how much she owed me, i decided nothing.

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Storm Eunice has caused plenty of damage throughout the UK (PA)Storm Eunice has caused plenty of damage throughout the UK (PA)

"She was reluctant to let me walk away without a payment but after a short conversation with her, she explained how she struggled to keep on top of her bills but the fence repair was a must.

"I can't believe some of the older generation are in a situation where they have to decide whether to be warm or in this case have a secure fence."

This inspired the decision to provide help to those who needed it the most

The post continued: "Due to this, throughout the bad weather we are offering FREE Fence repairs to senior citizens who are struggling, All i ask is you provide me or one of my team with a cuppa tea and some biscuits..

"My company is at a size where i can give a little back, and that's what i intend to do. Please spread the word so our elderly aren't worried about security in their homes.

"A wise old boy has always said to me, if you have a roof over your head and enough for a pint in the pub, your [sic] in a good position."

The company added that they have a large team, so installing new fence panels would able to completed pretty quickly.

You can get in contact wih Midlands Groundswork & Fencing through their Facebook page.