BORIS Johnson has delivered his plans for living with coronavirus - featuring an end to compulsory self-isolation and universal free tests in England.

The confirmation of the next step back to normality was presented to MPs on Monday afternoon (February 22).

From February 24 the government is axing the legal obligation to isolate after a positive covid test and there will be an end to routine contact tracing.

From April 1, free universal symptomatic and asymptomatic testing will end for the public.

Symptomatic testing will be focused on the most vulnerable, with the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) set to determine the details.

The decision has been backed by the majority of Advertiser readers, who have called for the return of “some normality”.

We asked readers on Facebook if they agreed with the end to Covid restrictions and if the time was right.

Susan Harper said: “Yes some sort of normality but I'm still going to avoid crowded places and hope the sanitizing stations remain in shops.”

Heather Breacher wrote: “Yes. Enough is enough now. We have just got to live with it and get normality back.”

However, Jane Wilkins feels anxious about the move. She posted: “I won’t lie I do feel anxious about it but with our wonderful scientists who came up with the vaccines we have to now move on and get on with our lives.”

Garth Hughes said it is not the right decision to end free mass lateral flow testing. He said: “This is a relatively new virus, and we don't know the long-term effects yet. Whilst some people have simple cold/flu symptoms, others get longer-term symptoms for weeks and months after.”

To prevent people stockpiling lateral flow tests before April 1, a box of tests can only be ordered every three days instead of every 24 hours.