TAXI drivers across Wychavon have asked for a rise in fares for the first time in nine years.

The request, which has been made on behalf of cab drivers across the district, would see a ‘standard’ two-mile journey rise by 15 per cent from £5.40 to £6.20.

Late-night and Bank Holiday trips would also increase under the proposals which will be discussed by Wychavon District Council’s licensing committee at a meeting on April 6.

The proposed increases would see tariffs rise to £4 for the first three quarters of a mile with 20p charged for every subsequent 200 metres travelled up to the first 1,610 metres (one mile).

The fee would then rise by 20p for every 180 metres travelled after.

Following the same structure, late-night tariffs from midnight to 7am, charges on Sundays, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve as well as other Bank Holidays would rise to £5.10 initially then rise in 30p increments.

The ‘third’ tariff would rise to £6.60 and 40p thereafter for journeys on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

A letter from Droitwich-based Blue Door Taxis’ Rob Day said the rise in fees was needed to cover the rising cost of fuel.

“Our initial proposal reflected on being 2013 since the last increase, the rise in fuel, maintenance, insurance and associated costs and living costs,” the letter said.

“In light and reflection of recent fuel issues, our personal fuel usage costs have increased to date, an additional 25 per cent per litre from my last letter, now costing us around £1.85 a litre as opposed to £1.55 a litre. This alone is an additional running increase of 19 per cent for us."

If the rise is backed, the plan will go out for public consultation and if no objections are made then the new tariffs could come into effect from May 6.