POLICE are warning people to be on their guard after a series of distraction thefts at cash machines in Bromsgrove.

Officers are appealing for people to watch out for 'shoulder surfers.'

Constable Lloyd Stone, from the Bromsgrove Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: "We are investigating incidents of distraction thefts at cash machines in Bromsgrove!

"Please be aware when using your bankcards at cashpoints, thieves will try many different ways to distract you in order to seal your card and withdraw money.

"Thieves will often target the elderly and vulnerable.

"Do keep your bag and purse with you at all times; do cover the keypad with your hand; immediately tell your bank and police if your card is stolen; don’t be distracted; don’t let someone stand to close to you; don’t let people see your pin number and please report any suspicious activity to on line or via 101."