TWO cats, who are currently been looked after at a Cats Protection Centre in Hollywood, are looking for a loving home.

Molly and Miley had a rough start in life, arriving at Cats Protection’s Birmingham Adoption Centre in late November along with eight other cats when another local rescue had to close.

The black cats were three months old, only just old enough to have been away from their mother and suffering from painful eye problems.

Miley’s right eye and lid had not formed properly in the womb and his left eye was abnormally small and needed to be removed.

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Miley wearing a cone. Image/ Cats Protection. Miley wearing a cone. Image/ Cats Protection.

Molly’s right eye had been removed before she arrived at the centre and, like her brother, she had an abnormally small left eye which also needed removal.

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Molly. Image/ Cats Protection. Molly. Image/ Cats Protection.

Adoption centre manager, Alison Dickenson, said: “It’s fair to say Miley and Molly have had a lot to overcome in their short lives but it has never dampened their spirits.

“Molly had surgery first while we investigated the best options for Miley and he was there by her side throughout.

“She returned the favour when Miley had his first surgery to remove his left eye but sadly, he wasn’t quite out of the woods, and we reached out to The Eye Veterinary Clinic at Leominster for help with his right eye.”

By January he was strong enough to receive a skin graft from his lip to create a functioning eyelid.

Alison added: “They are constantly taking care of each other and love playing on their climbing frame.

“Now we just need a home of their own where they can continue their kitten mischief!”

The centre is ideally looking for an owner who has experience with blind cats, a secure garden, no other pets and who does not move things in the home very often.

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