NINE properties on a brand-new development near Bromsgrove have been snapped up before they have even been built.

The Ravensbank development, based by the canalside on Westonhall Road, in Stoke Prior, is the first residential development by Ravensbury Homes.

Bromsgrove-based contractor Tricas Construction is over three-quarters of the way through a 52-week project to deliver five affordable and nine open market properties.

The nine properties, all sold off-plan by Nicol & Co, include a mixture of three- and four-bedroom homes priced from £350,000 to £575,000.

Jasmine Podmore, new homes sales manager at Nicol & Co, said: “The site had so much to offer with the versatility of the nine properties, there was something for everyone which made the site so popular.

“All of our buyers were local to the area and already registered on our database. We found it was important to keep in touch with them to provide as much information possible before Ravensbank formally launched.

“We have been able to secure the properties to a range of different buyer types creating what will be a lovely community to live in.”

“Ravensbank includes six different types of layouts for the nine market-priced homes, and the majority of the units will have bespoke studies designed on the ground floor, providing dedicated spaces that reflect our new hybrid working.”