INKBERROW author Abigail Osborne is set to launch her third novel later this month.

Her latest offering, a psychological thriller entitled 'The Good Husband', is due to be released on July 27.

To mark the occasion Abigail will be holding a book launch in Worcester on July 30.

One of the pivotal scenes of The Good Husband is set in Redditch as Abigail has a preference to using familiar locations.

That was evident in her first book 'The Puppet Master', which proved a resounding success.

She admitted: "I never intended to be an author but I gave it a try and it just flowed out of me.

"I took a massive risk and self published The Puppet Master because I was too scared to even think about applying to a publisher".

Abigail had no cause to worry. The book received plenty of positive reviews so she put it on special offer with kindle,making it free to read for one weekend.

As a result, the book went to No.1 in the kindle free books chart after obtaining somewhere in the region of 10,000 downloads.

consequently, Abigail; was approached by Bloodhound Books, who have offered her a three book deal.

She added: "It's all a dream come true. I want to inspire people to take a risk, a leap of faith in themselves as you never know where it could take you!