A BROMSGROVE councillor has called for booking restrictions to be lifted at the town’s household waste site to discourage fly-tipping.

During the Covid pandemic, restrictions were put in place at Bromsgrove Household Waste and Recycling Site in line with national guidelines, which included a booking system.

However, councillor for Rubery North, Peter McDonald said the restrictions should now be lifted as it encourages fly-tipping.

“Not only do you have to pre-book for Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays, but you are only allowed two visits in a fortnight,” said Cllr McDonald.

“The restrictions were first brought in at the start of the pandemic and have yet to be lifted and brought in line with other such sites.

“Most people work in the week and therefore can only manage to get to the site over the weekend.

“However, if you are free during the week, you can use the site as frequently and often as you like with no restrictions.

“The council cannot moan about fly tipping when their actions are encouraging it."

The Rubery councillor said weekday workers are being discriminated against and should be allowed to dispose of their waste without pre-booking.

Worcestershire County Councill cabinet member for environment, Cllr Richard Morris said the booking system was put in place to minimise traffic queuing on Quantry Lane.

He said: “At the Bromsgrove Household Recycling Centre this included putting in place a booking system to minimise the risk of vehicles queuing on the highway.

“This system continues to work well, giving residents clearer access to the site, and minimises traffic flow on the approach to the site.

“As with all other measures implemented during the pandemic, the system is regularly reviewed by our officers.

“Bookings can be made on the day of visiting the facility, and the availability for bookings at this site remains good.”