Customers using prepayment meters have not redeemed vouchers to help pay energy bills, according to the BBC. 

The unclaimed vouchers began on 1 October when households should have begun to receive their first instalment as part of the government's Energy Bill Support Scheme. 

However, figures from the one in-store payment company have shown that only half of the expected value has been claimed. 

But now a government spokesperson has told customers to apply their credit to their meter as soon as possible. 

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The credit is part of the Energy Bill Support scheme that was first announced back in May and applies to England, Wales and Scotland. 

The scheme means that everyone's energy bill will be cut by £400, applied over six months with reductions of £66 in October and November and then £67 every month between December and March next year. 

People that use prepayment meters need a topping-up key or card with the energy bill help coming in the form of vouchers. 

Warning as £400 energy support vouchers going unclaimed

But now the payment company, PayPoint has told BBC News that is expected to process 800,000 vouchers worth £52.8 million in October. 

However, the business shared that only £27 million had been redeemed. 

Now PayPoint and fuel poverty charities are urging those eligible to go through their post in case they've missed the delivery. 

It comes as the vouchers are only vailed for 90 days and once expired can not be claimed. 

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The vouchers are being sent out by post, email or text and can be redeemed with the Post Office and Payzone. 

In the UK more than four million people have a prepayment meter, with nearly half on the older, non-smart meter according to the energy watchdog Ofgem.

You can view the full list of government support available in our explainer here.

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