WYTHALL’S Betty Webb bagged front row seats at the King’s Coronation and said the service was ‘out of this world’.

Charlotte Webb, also known as Betty Webb, worked as a code breaker during World War II at Bletchley Park.

At the age of 99, a week before her 100th birthday, Betty was ‘honoured’ to watch King Charles’ Coronation from Westminster Abbey.

Not only did she have a seat in the Abbey, but she had a seat on the front row.

She said: “The service in Westminster was out of this world.

“It was such a privilege.

“I knew I had a seat reserved but I didn’t realise it was on the front row!”

Betty has met King Charles before when he represented her with an MBE in 2015.

“He looked very tired; it could have just been the lighting but it must have been a very tiring day for him!" added Betty.

“One of my favourite moments was seeing the overseas clerk’s uniforms and the music was just brilliant.

“It’s all over very quickly and you can’t take it all in.”

It was an early start for Betty who was joined by her niece Jane as they had to be seated at the Abbey by 7am even though the royals did not arrive until around 11am.

“We socialised for those four hours, and it went quite quickly!” said Betty.

“After the ceremony on the evening, I joined in with the British Legion and told them about my father’s service during a dinner at the hotel we were staying at.”

Betty who turns 100 on Saturday, May 13 said it was like an early birthday present.

She is set to celebrate the milestone by having a big party at Bletchley Park and a party in Wythall.