A COUNCILLOR has announced he will be standing in the next general election joining the fight to become Bromsgrove’s next MP.

David Nicholl, an NHS doctor has launched his general election campaign as the Liberal Democrat’s candidate for the Bromsgrove MP.

Dr Nicholl’s campaign launch is backed by former health secretary Stephen Dorrell.

Announcing his campaign to be Bromsgrove's next MP, Dr Nicholl said: "We need an active MP who understands the issues Bromsgrove residents face.

“As a campaigner, I have been working to reopen Artrix, tackle congestion, and regenerate our town centre and stand up for our villages.

“The Blue Wall is crumbling as lifelong Conservative voters are backing the Lib Dems because the government has let them down and taken them for granted.

“Bromsgrove is no longer a safe Conservative seat as the recent local elections have shown and the Liberal Democrats are offering a vision of change."

Former Conservative MP and Health Secretary under John Major, Stephen Dorrell, who joined the Lib Dems said: "On the 75th anniversary of the NHS, we need an MP who understands our health service.

“David is a dedicated campaigner who will stand up for our NHS, recover our economy, and tackle the Climate Emergency.

“As a former Conservative MP, I joined the Liberal Democrats as they offer the best vision for our country, and I know David will help deliver that vision and build a better Bromsgrove."

Sajid Javid, the current MP for Bromsgrove announced earlier this year that he would stand down at the next election.

The date of the next general election has not yet been announced but the maximum term for Parliament is five years therefore it will be automatically dissolved on December 17, 2024.

A general election would be held 25 days after this meaning it would fall in January 2025.