Many people will have dealt with numerous neighbourhood cats sneaking around their garden up to no good.

One infuriating habit this can lead to is cats pooing all over freshly planted flowers, newly grown veg patches and much more.

When this becomes a regular occurrence, you might be wondering how on earth you can stop the feline creatures parading around your lawns as most of the time they’re quite stubborn to stop coming in.

However, gardening expert David Domoney has recommended this cheap and simple hack by using a household item that everyone will have in their kitchen cupboard.

How to stop cats pooing in your garden with this cheap 74p household hack

There are many ways you can attempt to discourage cats from ruining your gardens, but David said that the one solution which proved to be “effective” for him was using tea bags, reports the Express.

He said: “One of the things that has worked effectively for me in the past is to save tea bags and spray them with a muscle heat spray, like Deep Heat.

“The tea leaves absorb the strong odour. Place them around the spot in the garden where the cats damage the plants.”

Other suggestions from David are that people should stop the cats from getting into the garden completely and to do this, try watching where cats enter the garden as they are creatures of habit and tend to enter and leave via the same spot.

If caught coming in through hedges or fences, try blocking the gaps or holes up.

Cats are mostly seen crawling along the top of walls and fences, so David explained gardeners can attach string 10 to 15cm above the perimeter.

The professional said: “This makes it hard for cats to balance on the fence panel. Or you can apply a grease like Vaseline to stop them using it.”

Morrisons sells a box of 80 Savers tea bags for 74p, while Lidl currently sells English Breakfast Tea for 95p per box of 50 tea bags.