THERE are more wheelchair-accessible taxis and private hire vehicles available in Bromsgrove than before the pandemic, figures show.

However, there has been a decrease in the number of licensed vehicles accessible for those with mobility difficulties across England and Wales.

Department for Transport figures show Bromsgrove had 109 licensed vehicles as of April, but only six could be used by people with mobility difficulties.

That is an increase on March 2020, when there were five.

There were 86 taxis in Bromsgrove, five of which were wheelchair accessible.

Most local authorities require all or part of their taxi fleet to be wheelchair-accessible, but only five per cent of them have made it compulsory for private hire vehicles.

Bromsgrove does not have the policy in place for either yet.

There are 23 minicabs in Bromsgrove, one of which can offer a ride to a wheelchair user.