A DRONE from Wyre Forest fire service was deployed when a family and their dog were rescued after the narrowboat they were travelling on became stuck on the River Severn.

Information has been published about the incident last week when specialist water crews came to the rescue after the narrowboat became stuck on a sandbar in Grimley at 10.20pm on Tuesday (July 25).

The narrowboat was in the middle of the river, north of Bevere Island, with three adults, one child and a dog on board.

A Worcester Fire Station crew and water rescue teams from Worcester, Evesham and Wyre Forest attended the river off Camp Lane along with the drone from Wyre Forest.

The boat was connected to the bankside with a 50-metre line, and the uninjured occupants were ferried to safety.

The boat was inspected and securely moored before recovery was due to be arranged by a river rescue company that also attended the scene.

The final HWFRS crew left the incident at 12.48am on Wednesday.