THE organisers of new football sessions for Bromsgrove asylum seekers are urgently seeking kit for players and funding for the project.

The weekly sessions have been well-received, despite the fact that many of them have to borrow boots and some even play in jeans because they lack appropriate clothing.

However, the popular sessions cost £50 per week, and the initial charitable donations that allowed the matches to begin are almost depleted.

Mohammad, an asylum seeker from Iran, said: “The football is very, very good for me, for relaxing, I love football.

“In the hotel, all time is sleeping, eating, sleeping, so football is good.”

The matches were organised by a group of four friends after the need was brought to their attention by the Bromsgrove and District Asylum Seekers Support group.

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Asylum seekers need boots, and funding, to play their favourite sport.Asylum seekers need boots, and funding, to play their favourite sport. (Image: Bromsgrove and District Asylum Seekers Support.)

Olly Kay, one of the organisers, said: “Some of them from Afghanistan have only played cricket before but they still have a laugh.

“Nobody takes it too seriously, they just come along and enjoy it. For them, it’s not about playing competitive football, it’s just about getting out and having a laugh.”

The players are currently living in a local hotel and have few personal belongings, which is why they require the necessary equipment to play.

In addition to boots, the men also need basic sports kit, including shorts and tops, as some continue to play in jeans.

The Harry Bennett Foundation, based in Bromsgrove, has provided the men with astroturf shoes to wear, but the organisers are hoping to secure boots that fit them properly, as well as additional kit.

“These guys are always seen walking round town, no one interacts with them, they keep to themselves,” Olly added.

“They come here and we just play football with them - we speak the universal language of football! We have some good banter even though we don’t speak the same language."

The organising team can be contacted via and donations can be made at