AN "extremely ambitious" consortium has said it's "delighted" to take over the reins at Bromsgrove Sporting FC.

The club's new board members include Brian Seymour-Smith as chairman, Paul Molesworth as director of football, and Craig Cotterill as commercial director.

Previous chairman Mike Burke recently stepped down after seven years.

Mr Seymour-Smith previously served on the board of Bristol Rovers as a fully participating fans director and before that spent nearly eleven years reporting for Sky Sports.

He also previously led PR activity at the West Brom Building Society during the time it was the main sponsor of West Bromwich Albion FC.

Addressing Bromsgrove Sporting fans, Mr Seymour-Smith said: "Be under no illusion, our sole intention is to ensure the positive long-term welfare of this football club, in which you as supporters, will be at the heart of everything we do.

"Yes, we are extremely ambitious both on and off the field. However, we are also very realistic about what we can achieve within our current physical and financial limitations. We have to move forward and we will.

"To realise these ambitions, you will appreciate it takes investment both on and off the field. Without investment, we cannot support the manager in his quest for promotion, nor can we improve the ageing facilities in which we want you to fully enjoy every aspect of watching and supporting your team.

"As you will appreciate, the council-owned Victoria Ground is desperately in need of improvement. We are already looking at the south end which is open, cold and uninviting, and discussing ways in which this end can be improved. We will keep you informed accordingly.

"We are looking to fulfil the club’s ambition to bring in a 4G pitch, so that this can be used significantly as a major community facility, as well as offering our own team a new all-weather and an everyday training facility.

"On the pitch, already we’ve witnessed some excellent results. We want to bring in further investment, so that Paul can work closely with the manager to support the excellent squad we have, and to add where they feel further improvement can be made. Progress will be made season upon season, based on ambition and realism.

"We want more families to come to the ground. This means ensuring we provide a safe and happy, cost-effective environment so that everyone feels welcome. In the current difficult financial circumstances in which many families are struggling, we will be looking at new ticketing offers which make football affordable, without at the same time, discriminating against existing season ticket holders.

"We have looked at the current disabled facilities. Our intention is to reduce the price of disabled tickets backed by a sponsorship deal, while at the same time, discussing ways in which the current facilities can be moved and greatly improved".