The rise in the cost of living is continuing, and has been highlighted by a new comparison revealing what £15 could have bought you 15 years ago compared to now.

In 2008, based on the average UK price at the time, you could've expected to get the best part of seven pints for your money - but now you’d be lucky to get three and a half.

Back then you’d get 14 litres of petrol for £15 - however you’d get around three quarters of that now, 10.8 litres.

And while you’d get somewhere between one and one and half portions of fish and chips now, back then you would have had more than you could ever eat in one go - a whopping six portions.

The findings were revealed by SMARTY mobile, which has introduced their new SIM plans, including 150GB of data for £15.

Elin McLean, SMARTY’s general manager, said: “We live in an era of shrinkflation and rising costs, and £15 doesn’t go nearly as far as it used to.

“Everything from the cost of milk through to lotto tickets has increased in price compared to 15 years ago.

“We are constantly reviewing our plans to give more to our customers, increasing the value of our offering and not the price.”

The study also found a pint of milk in 2008 would have set you back less than 50p - more than doubling to £1.05 today.

Even tickets to the National Lottery aren’t immune - where it used to cost £1 for an entry - that now stands at £2.

The mobile brand also commissioned research of 2,000 adults, which found 86 per cent are fed up of pre-packaged items in shops shrinking in size, but not in price.

Chocolate bars were deemed the most irritating product to encounter this (37 per cent), followed by crisps that seem to contain ‘mostly air’ (31 per cent).

Price rises since 2008

  • Petrol: 103.9p a litre - 138.9p today
  • Pint of beer: £2.30 - £4.21 today
  • Cinema ticket: £7.66 - £10.75 today
  • Fish and chips: £2.43 a portion - £9 today
  • Lotto ticket: £1 - £2 today
  • Pint of milk: 42p - £1.05 today
  • Can of coca cola: 45p - 95p today
  • 1kg bag of sugar: 85p - £1.11 today
  • Dozen eggs: £2.47 - £3.26 today
  • Pound of bananas: 88p - £1.01p today