A BROMSGROVE man, who believes his Chinese lanterns offer an explanation to our mysterious red objects in the sky story, says he was embarrassed by its coverage.

Mark Bell, of Chaucer Road, is convinced that his lanterns are the mysterious red objects Bromsgrove residents have been seeing in skies above the town over the past year.

The 46-year-old became interested in the Chinese lanterns after first seeing them at the Big Chill festival in Ledbury last August, purchasing 500 of them for over £300.

Since then Mr Bell has become an enthusiast, regularly lighting and setting them off from his Aston Fields-based home.

With the helps of friends, the burning lanterns, which rise into the sky using the hot air from its own flame, have also been let off from the Oakalls estate, and the Lickey and Malvern Hills.

Mr Bell said: "I first saw them at the festival and I liked them as they looked like UFOs. With a friend, we got them ordered in from China and planned to sell a few.

"It's a great laugh, launching them ten at a time, and now I've only got ten left," Mark added.

The story of the mysterious red objects was first covered by the Advertiser/Messenger back in May generating a massive response - a UFO incident in the town was mentioned in the national press last week.

Other residents have also contacted us to claim their lanterns were the source of the mysterious objects.

Mr Bell added: "I was embarrassed at first. I can see why people think that they are UFOs, but I felt it was time to put a stop to it. I'm saving the last few for special occasions."