AN AIRPORT-style metal detector will be returning to a railway station in Droitwich - but police have reassured there is "nothing to worry about".

Commuters at Droitwich Train Station have been made to walk through the detector which has been used by other forces to stop people carrying weapons.

However, police have reassured people in the town that they were using it to provide reassurance and education.

They took the time to talk to people at the train station about safety issues surrounding Halloween and bonfire night. 

Police flanked the large arch at the railway station on Monday, October 16 and said there are plans to bring it back again.

Officers were joined by employees from Great Western Railway and Network Rail.

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Sergeant Catherine Atkinson said the metal detector operation was not meant to cause any alarm and was being used to provide education.

She said: "We had the metal detector archway at the station as part of a multi-agency operation to provide reassurance and education.

"We handed out leaflets to passing commuters and spoke about other big events coming up such as Halloween and bonfire night, offering safety advice.

"It was nothing to be concerned about."

Other forces across the UK have used metal detectors to stop people carrying weapons, which Sergeant Atkinson also addressed.

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She said: "Knife crime happens all over the UK and I am not naïve enough to think that it could not happen in Droitwich.

"The metal detectors are great deterrents and can help to stop travelling criminality on the trains.

"Knife crime is obviously a concern for us, however, we do not have any specific intel that it is happening in our area."

In May, West Mercia Police joined police forces up and down the country to support Operation Sceptre- a week-long national campaign aimed at tackling knife crime.

Between April 2022 and March 2023, knife crime fell across Herefordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire by 7 per cent, compared to the previous year (2021/2022) according to West Mercia.

The campaign involved placing dedicated knife surrender bins across the county including in Worcester and Kidderminster.